Monday, 25 February 2013

WILLOW: 完美结束2012年 【Perfect ending for 2012】

Q4'12 业绩 / Q4'12 Result


2012 EPS = 6.32,今天的收市价 = 35.5sen,PE = 5.62。

整年的增长惊人,收入增60% ,净赚增80%。




不管如何,我很高兴有一班对股票投资很有热情的朋友。 :)

Result is out! It is far exceed my conservative expectation.
2012 EPS = 6.32. Today closing price = 35.5sen. So, PE is just 5.62.
It also announced a total 3sen dividend. (20% final dividend & 10% special dividend. Par value = 0.1).
Ending its fiscal year end with amazing growth, 60% revenue grow & 80% PAT grow.

Stock investment is what kind of knowledge? Some say it is an art, some say it is a business, some say...
There is thousand kind of methods. As long as you did it right, it prove you have a correct skill and knowledge.

By using 【WILLOW】 as example, I would say, it is a mathematical knowledge. Just carry out a simple calculation, you will know whether it is a good investment.
In investment, we should try to be conservative in order to minimize the risk. Some time you may get a surprise when you see the result is greater than your expectation.

Sometimes, I will tell my friends that stock investment can be a low risk and high return investment! Unfortunately, you will see a response with weird faces toward on you. Stock investment to common public, it is a horror word. Speaking lots of investment knowledge, you are an evil to them.

Anyway, I'm delighted because I still have many friends who like stock investment as I did. :)