Sunday 21 July 2013

信托基金,可以投资吗?Say YES to Mutual Fund?






If you have limited choice to utilize certain capital, mutual fund investment indeed is a good investment, compared to just putting it aside for low risk and stable return way. In long term run, to get a return at above 6% should not be too difficult. According to the past 10 years records, there are many funds achieved CARG at above 10% .

A lot of people can invest in mutual fund. But, how many of them have a good knowledge in investment? What is the method to decide buy/sell a fund? Most of them are purely based on past performance result. Is that simple? To be frank, it should not be that way. If you have the luck and in right timing, I would say yes. Otherwise, you will be in risk.

Same as stock investment, homework must be done in order to invest in mutual fund. Once homework prepared, there will be an indication for us to know which fund can perform better in future. Beside, by equip a good strategy along, it will help to balance up the risk and return of fund investment.

Some people would say, if the return from mutual fund is just 1-2% higher, by considering it have to pay service charge, it is rather to just keep at shielded place. If you pay attention to do the calculation, also after consider the service charge, you will find that the different of the return is not small at all!

Not going to talk in details right here. If interested, pls email me for sharing.

ASW2020 vs 股票(Stock)- 回顾篇(Review)


Review to the decision on sold out government fund (so called no risk and provide good return) and converted to stock investment. Finally, the stock has been sold on 19-Jul-13. Investment period is about half year. The result is amazing. Stock vs Government fund, which one give low risk and high return?


This post is not to show off but to let those who unaware of the great benefit by using fundamental investment knowledge to invest in stock market.

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