Sunday, 24 May 2015

【版权】| Copyright



I have visited some investment related websites on yesterday night. Surprisingly, I found some of my articles have been copied yet do not review the source of writer name. One of the article has been posted in this blog and others were shared in a talk organized by a investment forum. Copyright must be respected especially in written form (compared to verbal talk). For the article already posted in blog is well come to share again but it need to mention the source of writer name or link. For those articles which never post by writer but posted by 3rd party, I shall say he/she is having a very bad manner in sharing. I will not mention the name but hope this person will realize what need to do after read this post.

At the same time, I found some investors are still unsure the meaning of (fundamental analysis + long term investment + surely profit). The term and meaning of long term investment is mostly been twisted by public. For an investor which are experienced and coupled with FA skill, he/she should has the same thinking alike me. I will discuss more on this topic in next post.


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Copycats do exist everywhere, e.g. course works/thesis in universities, proposals in workplace, investment analysis in the blogs, etc.
Copycat writes in anything that's been already posted. These cats are lazy yet they want to take credits for works done by others. Because of this, I can feel your outright frustration.

All articles are dated, and it makes it easier to identify who have copied who.

Y2K has been doing good jobs or the copycats would not bother to get them copied and reproduced.

To the copycats out there, please show some respects for hardworks bloggers have put in. Is it so hard to quote the source of references?