Monday, 21 September 2015

Participation Analysis 【参与率分析】 @ 21-Sep-15





From the listed 26 number of trading days, foreign investor (F) has sold in 21 days. From the recent 3 trading days, (F) bought back some significant value of shares. But, (F) made an immediate U turn today. How the show is going on after this?

I tracked such trading data for more than 3 years and still counting. Anyway, I'm still unable to get some solid hints from such trading data analysis. I guess I still need much more time on this. Perhaps need to add on 1 to 2 bullish and bearish market.

Started from May'12, (F) is accumulating share until May'13. It follow by unstoppable selling mode until today. The sold traded value is 1.5 times compared to its accumulation from 2012-2013. Is it a lot? I don't think so if we consider its accumulation since from 2009-2012 which is not under my tracking database. One thing to be sure that, (F) has got good profit from its 1.5 times sold traded value in share and still maintain the index in reasonable high level.

By pure guess, author is more toward to further downside for index. What is the reason for (F) bought back in recent 3 trading days? To create more room for selling (push up the index) and get more share for control power (make selling pressure)? No answer for it. Just continue to see the coming market show. Anyway, I strayed in such market condition as I dare not to buy big as what I did in the past.

LR - Local Retails 【散户】
LI - Local Institution 【本地基金】
F - Foreign 【外资】