Friday, 1 May 2015

【公告】| Announcement

由于FB户口出现状况,笔者不能进入FB的户口。所以将会弃用之前的FB Group。
[ ](弃用)

过后将会以FB Page来取代。此FB Page的好处是不必通过要求加入就能看到笔者的分析和分享。比较复杂性或需要多文字的回答,可以通过此FB Page解答。
[ ](取代旧的FB Group)




My existing FB account is facing some login issue. Thus, I will not use the FB Group anymore.
[ ] (Abandoned)

I have created a FB Page to replacement the existing one. The advantage of this FB Page is not require to approve to join the group yet everyone can see my posting instantly. For complicated and long explanation needed questions, FB Page is a good channel to solve it.
[ ] (The replacement)

I found that the later sharing stocks are having significant fluctuation in share price. Thus, the sharing method has been changed in this year. The coming stock sharing must come with below criteria:
1) Suitable for mid to long term investment. If there is any unexpected events (on fundamental, not share price) happen in short term (within 1 year), I will try to provide some analysis to decide whether it still suitable for mid to long term investment.
2) Selection is mainly based on fundamental. Thus, speculation in trading and insider news will be out of scope.
3) The share price during sharing posted will be higher than my average buying price. If foresee market sudden turns bad, I'm opted to make immediate selling (partially or full) even the sharing post is just shared. Elsoft is a good experience which I decided not to sell even I felt the market is not going well because I think I should responsible for my fresh posting. Due to this, it eroded part of my last year's profit.
4) For the stock sharing, I expect to have a minimum 50% return in profit unless something unexpected is happen and cause loss. E.g. mistake in analysis, unexpected thing happen to the company or market collapsed.
5) Construction and Properties related stocks are out of scope. It does not mean it is not good for investment, but just I feel it is not easy to predict (estimation may change easily).

Due to this, my sharing will be lesser compared to previously. Coupled with current uncertainty on the market, I will even put extra precaution on my sharing.

At last, I have reduced some of my share holding recently in order to increase my cash position. My current portfolio is mainly holding LANDMRK and very less ELSOFT. Also holding some quantity for a stock which I'm going to do sharing later. Good luck to all of you!


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