Sunday, 25 January 2015

Participation Analysis 【参与率分析】 @ 22-Jan-14


Foreign investor selling aggressively since Dec'14. Local Institution is the main party to adsorb most of the capital outflow. Retail investor is being net buyer and net seller inconstantly from time to time.


Introduce a new charting to observe the "heat" through the Local Retails trading (buy/sell) activities. From the recently market adjustment, found the daily buy/sell trade value is less than RM200mil each. It is a low point for at least more than 1 year ago. But, there is a bit "heat" observed from traded value done on 22-Jan-15, which is exceeded RM500mil. This only happened 3 times in the past 3 months. If the heat remain at this level or higher, I think all of us have to be more extra caution on your holding shares.

LR - Local Retails 【散户】
LI - Local Institution 【本地基金】
F - Foreign 【外资】


Shannian said...

Extra caution mean sell on rebound?

TS S said...

It mean pay close monitoring on the heat. if u r trader, when it is too hot for a period of time, you should extra careful. sell or not, base on your own interpretation and experience. there is no fix formula for it.

Shannian said...

Thanks for the infor..