Sunday, 23 February 2014

[5401] TROP

这个季的Performance Review那边,把卖资产和重估的元素除去。
税前盈利 = 117,900
总数票 = 1,107,281
EPS = 税后盈利 / 总数票 = (117,900 x 75%) / 1,107,281 = 7.99sen

我喜欢的是此股跌的阿妈都不认得。 加上还没有进账的21.8亿令吉。应该很有肉吃。2014的业绩肯定继续看好。
EPS = (21.8 x 20%) / 11.1 = RM0.393 (比如20%的盈利率)
**Warrant 2019年才到期,暂时可以不管。**


Just take a simple review...
From the Performance Review of the recent quarter report announcement, by excluded its fair value adjustment on assets and land disposal.
PBT = 117,900
Nos = 1,107,281
EPS = PAT / Nos = (117,900 x 75%) / 1,107,281 = 7.99sen

I just done a simple study as I don't plan to hold for long and has less appetite to invest on property stock.
I like this stock because its share price has been fallen more than half from its peak and also the attraction of RM2.18bil unbilled sales. Thus, I predict it has much to offer. From this, I expect to see this stock can sustain very well in 2014.
Barely look on its RM2.18bil unbilled sales.
EPS = (21.8 x 20%) / 11.1 = RM0.393 (Assume margin is 20%.)
If the billing can complete within 3 years time, the company will able to generate EPS = RM0.131/year。
**Warrant expiry is on 2019. We can ignore it for temporary.**

My average purchase price is RM1.365. My fund allocated for trading purpose has been used up on TROP.

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