Wednesday, 13 March 2013

ASW2020 vs 股票(Stock)

ASW2020的回酬记录(ASW2020 Historical Dividend Rate)

股票 vs 政府基金


在2013年的一月尾,我决定把放在ASW2020十多年里的小钱套光光!其实想做了很久,就是一直懒惰去进行。套现后,当然把那笔钱拿去股市用掉 咯!买了自己长期看好成功食品(5196)。我买的是儿子(涡轮),也常常被一批投资者称它为烧鸡仔。哈哈!买价53sen。今天的收市价是65sen。 不到两个月就赚了22.6%!肯定比ASW2020好很多!这笔钱会继续收着。到适当的时候才把烧鸡仔卖掉。这个回酬是能维持还是暂时性呢?未来再来比一比!
注意: 投资涡轮是有方式去决定的。不是每个都可以投资!切忌!

Stock vs Government Fund
6-8% yearly dividend would be an attractive figure for people who lack of investment knowledge or not keen in stock investment. The main reason for this is due to the low risk and consistency of "guarantee" return. Why government fund can give such a "high" dividend? The answer is, the fund manager is using the accumulated investor's fund to invest according the fund's investment strategy. Portion of the fund for sure will flow into stock market. Time for Q&A: If the fund manager able to get good return from stock market, why government fund investor still afraid of stock market and categorized it as high risk investment? Investor dislike stock market, but their money in government fund is working on it. Is that a contradiction? So, is stock market a high risk investment instrument? I leave it to you all think about it!

My Recent Story
During 2013, end of January, I have sold all my ASW2020! Actually, I would like to do it for quite a long time but just too lazy to do it. After cash out, I have dumped the fund into the stock market on a good long term prospect counter, BJFOOD(5196) immediately. In fact, I bought its warrant. Buy price is 53sen and today's closing price is 65sen. 22.6% return in less than 2 months! It is definitely much better to keep the fund in ASW2020! I will continue to park the fund here until the right time to dispose is come. Is that sustainable? Let's compare it again in future!
P/S: There is a way to invest in stock's warrant and you must the rules before invest on it. Don't simply take it as investment instrument! Be caution on this!

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