Wednesday, 13 February 2013

百万目标(1 Million Target)

@1 million,17年
@10 million,29年

首先,做好一粒小的雪球,然后把它从高山上滚下去。 你将会看到一粒很大型的雪球在山脚下。小雪球就是你首次的资本。把雪球滚下去就是你新增的资金,股票增值,股息和红股的得益。长期的效应,就会制造成山脚下的巨大雪球。




By investing 30k capital and with another additional of 5k top up for every year, looking at 20% average annual profit, you will able to make your capital become:
@100k in 5 years
@1 million in 17 years
@10 million in 29 years

Do you know about snow ball effect?
By making a small snow ball, push it down from the top of the mountain and let it roll to the bottom of the mountain. You will able to see a very huge snow ball landed on the ground.
Making a small snow ball = create your first investment capital.
Rolling snow ball = your new injection capital, investment gain and dividend/bonus gain from your capital.

The size doesn't matter. As long as you do, you will always get the snow ball effect. Anyhow, the greater the initial snow ball you make, the greater the snow ball effect you got at the end.

Of course, you need know how to roll your snow ball by understand more and more about the mountain you are dealing with. Any big silly decision, it will burst your snow ball. There is no free lunch in this world. Pay your effort to get your reward. Avoid speculation and always stick to the fundamental analysis in investment.

The main point for this millionaire target is the average annual profit. As long as you can make it at 20% or above, then you can achieve your target according to the time frame you set. By inject more new capital into your investment portfolio, it will definitely speed up your time to achieve the target.  Is that easy? There is a will, there is a way!

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