Monday, 18 March 2013

WILLOW: 一山还有一山高(The higher high)





There are some reasons behind for a stock to achieve its stock price at high side. As usual, majority of the investors are afraid of buy at high price. The main reason is due to investor rarely think about value of the stock, but purely look on the share price.

The risk can be controlled even you buy the share at high price. First, the protection from the stock's value. 2nd, with strategy to buy in by batches. 3rd, always invest with holding power. Additionally, dividend and cheap price are the good supporting effect.

Technical investor (or trader) will rush in once broke stock's resistant with volume. But the main reason for a stock price to be sky rocket is push by the "big shark". They depend on the stock's valuation to continue buy as long as it is still valuable. Should we call them as "big shark" or smart investors? Basically, they come with big capital and smart enough to buy stock at good price.

For those who buy WILLOW at 35sen previously, you have proven yourself as an investor who did investment based on stock's valuation. WILLOW closed at 42sen today. Total gross profit is 20%. Congratulation to WILLOW shareholder because you understand the power of fundamental analysis I'm always trying to explain.

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