Thursday, 10 October 2013

UMSNGB: 噢亿噢 O.E.O.




Just to keep my promise. I still keeping the share during recent market adjustment. As I mentioned, I will post up the profit when the time is right. This will be my first and last announcement. In future, for those who follow to buy in, you shall always trade at your own risk.

Don't be too greedy and hurry to aim for instant profit. You won't able to make it for every time.
Do your homework before buy in. Be patient after you buy in. When get panic, goes back to the starting point and re-think again.

Congratulation to my allies who dare to hold and ride through the panic moment! Your position now is very very safe. Just go ahead to fight and learn the coming battle strategy by your own...



Anonymous said...

UMSNGB this counter What is the Fair value?

TS S said...

I don't have any target price for now. It is purely depend on its future's earning. Personally, I think it is still worth to hold. I guess it is just a beginning and may take time to enjoy cheerful, bore-some and scary moments of the full show.