Friday, 21 June 2013

MULTICO:最后的冲刺。(Last Round)





Normally, I'm only recommend on BUY side and do not mention on the SELL side.

Recently, found that many investors are very interested on [MULTICO]. It is an open secret that the coming quarter result will be very impressive due to bad debt payment from court case. A special dividend is possible as well.

Before you invest or trade a stock, you should know your next step decision. I think if the company do not have a significant plan to further expand the business, its share price will be tough to go further beyond PE 9-10. Basically, 2nd-3rd liner stock will have a lower PE.

It is difficult to sell at highest price. Some time, we should learn to say, "Let go the remaining profit for others."

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multico can buy in , if can wat is tp?