Thursday, 7 February 2013

为何要走在股票投资路上?(Why must invest in Stock?)



1)做个一流的打工皇帝(如公司中的皇帝,月入上万, 等等) - 人找钱...难而又辛苦!
2)做个成功的生意人(包括直销, 自己做生意, 等等) - 没本钱又脸皮薄!
3)做个有钱人的孩子(也可以嫁/娶个有钱人) - 又下辈子要找到VIP房才去投胎!哈哈!
4)做个超有运气的赌神 - 算了.我是有十件事,九件都是倒霉收场的人.
5)做个实际的投资人 - 绝路?不...钱找钱之路!



We must live with dreams. Have you think about your future? Why I shall walked into the Stock Investment path? Because I realized something I'm not aware the past and dare not to face the fact. Actually, we have 5 methods to achieve our financial freedom.

1) Be a top employee for people company. E.g. CEO of the company with high income
- But there is a pyramid system for each company. Can you make it? In fact, earn money from working is very tiring and difficult to stand long.
2) Be a successful businessman. E.g. Direct sales, Self-employ, etc.
- You need to be thick face or come with capital for own business setup.
3) From a rich family. Else, marry to a rich husband/wife.
- Make a wish to pray for your next life if you aren't for now.
4) Be a gamble king.
- Do you have such a luck? Just forget it if you are bad luck guy!
5) Be an investor in stock market but with proper way.
- Is risky? Yes, if you have a common mindset. But you can be rich if you pay effort and know the way!

I felt the uncertainty of just working and saving way. How long you can work and how much you can save from it? Why should I wrote this post? Because many of the people around are not keen to invest. This is because they don't understand the fact and giving excuse of no time to do it. From my experience, I dare to confirm you shall get profit from stock investment as long as you do it in long term and in fundamental way!

Friends... have you in one of the listed paths above to get yourself a financial freedom plan?

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